Companies are now capturing massive amounts of customer, market, and transaction data using the current generation of analytics technologies. While these technologies have helped organizations do a better job of answering many common questions and therefore make better general decisions, these systems have reached the structured limit of what they were designed to do. More valuable insights about customers, relationships, and risk cannot be derived because these traditional systems are far too slow, too costly and operationally ineffective for capturing and modeling fast-changing data and finding patterns in long, complex chains of connections. What is needed is an analytics platform that can work  extremely fast on massive volumes of real-time data and deploy rapidly into the enterprise.

Fastest on Real-Time Big Data

GraphSQL was developed specifically for extremely fast processing of massive data with the extreme scalability and performance required for solving the most complex Big Data problems.

Fastest analytics

The GraphSQL analytics platform is the fastest graph analytics platform with response times in milliseconds and hundreds of millions of connections per second. All of our customers have gained 100x query performance increases after migrating from other solutions including other graph databases, Hive, MySQL, and other deployments.

Real-Time Ready

GraphSQL is built for analyzing dynamic, fast-changing data in the scale of billions of updates per day. This real-time analysis of fast-changing customer, financial, shipment, and other data empowers businesses to respond immediately to changing events as they unfold.

Big Data Scalability

The graph database and processing engine have been built to ensure high performance on massive big data volumes. Production GraphSQL deployments routinely analyze trillions of vertices and edges. Innovative massively parallel processing and 10-20x data compression ensure performance and scalability. And it’s the first and only graph analytics platform able to unify and process your offline data with your online data.

Platform Graph

Agile Development and Deployment

GraphSQL development and deployment is very agile and rapid. Application developers can go from an idea to a running project in days or a couple of weeks rather than the months other system installations and projects can take.

Complete SDK with Visualization Console

A complete high level SDK and intuitive visualization console is used for graph modeling, mapping, loading, and querying. Application developers will appreciate using the expressive SQL-like graph query language (GSQL). No additional coding via Java, C++, and other programming languages is needed.

Application Integration

The REST API enables seamless integration to each of your business applications.

Flexible Deployment

Can be deployed on-premise, in a private cloud, or run in a public cloud.

Enterprise Ready

GraphSQL has enterprise readiness capabilities that ensure reliable service, scalability, and low total cost of ownership.

Reliable and protected

Includes AlwaysOn availability via built-in redundancy, Active-Active load balancing, and new machine auto-deployment. Cross data center disaster recovery, replication, and other data protection capabilities ensure consistent, reliable service.

SLA Friendly

It includes system monitoring that automatically dispatches alerts if thresholds are tripped and service level agreements are not met.

Modular Architecture

Supports both scale-up and scale-out deployment models for distributed applications. This along with the efficiency of the the graph engine results in very low total cost of ownership – especially when compared to existing traditional platforms.