From meter readings to information coming from sensors and network components, utilities companies are being flooded with data. But the vast majority of grid monitoring systems are many decades old with extremely limited visibility. Thus most utilities companies are very limited in their ability to plan, optimize, and respond to dynamic demand changes. This results in far more operational risks, higher costs, and more accidents. Some companies have tried to employ traditional business intelligence technologies to address the problem. But the data size and complexity are so large that traditional analytics have proven too slow, too expensive, and generally incapable of analyzing the massive quantity and complexity of energy and utilities data.


GraphSQL Advantages


Working closely with leading energy and utility companies, GraphSQL has developed a host of analytic capabilities that help companies monitor and analyze power flows, detect bottlenecks, and alert personnel about grid performance issues. Using real-time analytics on their Big Data, companies can respond immediately to events thus reducing operational risk and overall cost while improving safety, reliability, efficiency, and customer experience.