In the age of the customer, organizations wish to implement cross channel customer strategies that ensure a consistent multipath purchase experience. Many organizations have been able to gather and unify most of the needed data, but their traditional analytic technologies are proving to be too slow, too expensive, and generally incapable of deriving more sophisticated insight from the massive amount of customer, transaction, and external data. The challenge is exacerbated by increasing demand for marketing accountability, sales effectiveness and service quality.


GraphSQL Advantages


GraphSQL enables customer intelligence in real-time by allowing organizations to quickly deploy powerful relationship analysis capabilities. Real-time capabilities allow retailers to quickly synthesize and make sense of customer behavior and activities. The Customer 360 Graph creates a model where all customer data, internal or external, static or dynamic are stored. Key entities are then connected, linked, and integrated. This creates a seamless and unified customer experience across all physical and digital sales channels. GraphSQL offers a complete customer user profiling solution, enables customer lifecycle management, and includes the most advanced real time recommendation system.